24 martie 2010

Joc de noroc. Sau nu.

Joc preluat de la Creatza.
-pune playerul pe shuffle
-da next la fiecare intrebare -scrie titlul melodiei ca raspuns, chiar daca nu se potriveste.
Let's see:
1)How are you feeling today? Nicu Alifantis - Nu ma-ntreba
2)Will you get far in life? C.J. Lewis - Sweets for my sweet
3)How do your friend see you? Metallica - Jump in the fire
4)Will you get married? Jaar Project - Anotimpuri
5)What’s your best friend’s theme? 2Pac - Pac's Life
6)What is the story of your life? Morandi - Angels
7)What was high school like? Korn - Make believe
8)How can you get ahead in life? 2Pac - Point the finger
9)What is the best thing about your friends?
Alicia Keys & Jack White - Another Way To Die
10)What is in store for this weekend? Skee Lo - I wish
11)What song describes you? Michael Jackson - Tease Me
12)What song would describe your grandparents? Michael Jackson - If You Don't Love Me
13)How is your life going? Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry
14)What song will they play at your funeral? Pacha Man - Acelasi sange
15)How does the world see you? Sirenia - Lithium And A Lover
16)Will you have a happy life? Michael Jackson With Will I Am - The Girl Is Mine
17)Do people secretly lust after you? Puff Daddy - Hate me now
18)How can I make myself happy? 2Pac - U Don't Have 2 Worry
19)What should you do with your life? Cedry2k - Sfertul academic

P.S.: M-a distrat copios jocul asta. :))

Un comentariu:

  1. Cand mai esti pe mess sa iti arat ce mi-a iesit mie =)). Te apuca rasul. Tin sa mentionez ca jocul a fost facut cu 57 melodii. :)))